Post Surgery Rehabilitation

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Post-surgery rehabilitation helps you recover after an operation so you can get back to enjoying life. At San Antonio Premier Internal Medicine in Texas, the highly skilled doctors and therapists provide comprehensive post-surgery rehabilitation for people of all ages. To discover how to achieve a faster, more successful recovery after surgery, call one of the practice’s three San Antonio offices or book an appointment online today.

What is post-surgery rehabilitation?

Post-surgery rehabilitation is a process that helps you heal, relieves pain, and restores function following an operation.

You’re likely to feel weak and have to deal with ongoing pain for a while after surgery. It’s tempting to stay in bed all the time, but you could end up with long-term physical conditions, pain, and mental health issues if you do.

Post-surgery rehabilitation prevents these problems.

What are the benefits of post-surgery rehabilitation?

After certain surgeries, simple tasks like getting up from a chair or out of bed, climbing the stairs, dressing and undressing, and bathing or brushing your hair can all be challenging. Rehabilitation after surgery can speed up your recovery and ensure you get back to normal life without delay.

Your post-surgery rehabilitation at San Antonio Premier Internal Medicine improves your range of motion in the area affected by the surgery and stops you from getting stiff. Your therapist can help you begin walking again where necessary, using crutches or a walker before you’re strong enough to manage independently.

You can learn how to do activities that might have been difficult before the surgery or that you struggle with because of postoperative pain. Post-surgery rehabilitation also shortens the time you have to take off from work or your studies.

Who does my post-surgery rehabilitation?

Your doctor at San Antonio Premier Internal Medicine oversees your post-surgery rehabilitation. They work with other specialists to support all aspects of your health, including:

Physical therapists

Physical therapy involves doing exercises that increase strength and flexibility. Your therapist might also use treatments like therapeutic ultrasound to ease pain and help your wounds heal.

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapy focuses on helping patients recover the ability to perform daily living activities like cooking and home care. Your therapist also shows you how to use equipment that makes life easier with helpful aides like jar openers and dressing sticks.


A dietician ensures you get all the nutrition you need for healthy tissue repair. They help you plan a suitable diet that gives you flavor and variety while avoiding unhealthy foods.

Speech therapists

You might need a speech therapist after surgery for a neurological disorder. They help you regain skills like swallowing and talking clearly.

Psychologists or counselors

Surgery is a major undertaking, and rehabilitation takes time. You might have been feeling low or anxious before your surgery, too, if you were sick or in pain for a long time.

Psychologists and counselors help you process your feelings and improve your mental health. They can also help you manage your pain so you can participate fully in your rehabilitation.

To find out more about benefiting from post-surgery rehabilitation, call San Antonio Premier Internal Medicine today or book an appointment online.