Low Back Pain

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More than 568 million people have low back pain worldwide today, and it’s the number one cause of disability globally. At San Antonio Premier Internal Medicine, with three offices in San Antonio, Texas, the experienced medical providers know low back pain well — and they know what it takes to get you back to feeling like yourself again. You don’t have to accept low back pain, and there’s no reason to suffer any longer. Call the office nearest to you or click on the provided link to schedule now.

What causes low back pain?

Low back pain can occur because of injury, wear-and-tear, or age-related changes within your spine. Some of the specific reasons for low back pain include:

  • Ligament sprain: Ligament overstretching or tear
  • Tendon strain: Tendon overstretching or tear
  • Muscle strain: Muscle overstretching or tear
  • Lumbar disc herniation: Disc that protrudes between the vertebrae
  • Osteoarthritis: Cartilage breakdown in joints
  • Degenerative disc disease: Disc wear-and-tear over time
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis: Narrowing in the lower spine
  • Facet joint disease: Damage in the tiny joints behind discs
  • Sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction: Inflammation or other issues in the SI joints in the pelvis
  • Spondylolisthesis: Vertebrae that moves out of position onto the next vertebrae
  • Fractures: Compression fractures related to osteoporosis

Low back pain can be either an acute (temporary) or chronic (long-term) health issue. If acute low back pain isn’t treated correctly, the underlying issue may never heal, leading to chronic back pain. 

How is low back pain diagnosed?

Low back pain can be challenging to diagnose. Up to 95% of patients with low back pain don’t know how or why their pain started. But, just because you don’t currently know the cause of your pain doesn’t mean it’s not real. 

The San Antonio Premier Internal Medicine specialists sympathize with your pain, and they’re diagnostic experts who can find the cause of your low back pain. This allows for a truly targeted treatment plan with long-lasting pain relief. 

Along with a physical exam and medical history, some of the diagnostic tests you may need include imaging exams like a CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, or X-rays. Depending on your suspected condition or issue, you may also need lab tests. 

How is low back pain treated?

San Antonio Premier Internal Medicine offers carefully customized treatment plans for low back pain. Your provider won’t let you suffer, so they typically design a plan that incorporates lifestyle changes and medical pain relief strategies for maximum benefits.

Some of the different aspects of low back pain treatment typically include: 

  • Physical therapy
  • Bracing
  • Weight management
  • Modifications to your daily routine
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Injections

In many cases, low back pain responds to nonsurgical treatments. However, there may be certain situations where a surgical procedure is the most effective way to correct the root cause of your low back pain. 

If you need a procedure for low back pain, such as spinal fusion or disc replacement, your provider can refer you to a surgeon specializing in that procedure. They work with your surgeon to provide complete care before your procedure. You then visit San Antonio Premier Internal Medicine for all your follow-up care. 

Low back pain never has to be a chronic problem. There are always treatment options, and the San Antonio Premier Internal Medicine specialists are ready to help you find one that works for you. Book your appointment online or call the office nearest to you for help today.