About Us

Internal Medicine, Physical Therapy, Pediatrics & Pulmonology located in San Antonio, TX


SA Premier Internal Medicine is a superior internal medicine practice with three convenient locations in San Antonio, Texas. The experienced, skilled providers are always there and always care for their patients. They specialize in preventive medicine, helping patients maintain healthy lifestyles, and properly managing chronic diseases.

SA Premier Internal Medicine offers sick visits, wellness exams, annual physicals, and preventive medicine services for patients of all ages in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. 

Patients with diabetes, blood disorders, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, vertigo, osteoporosis, respiratory infections, and urinary tract infections (UTIs), as well as other chronic diseases can rely on SA Premier Internal Medicine for exceptional care. 

The physicians provide lifestyle-change counseling, diagnostic testing, medication prescriptions, vaccines, specialist referrals, and more to maximize patients’ health and reduce the risk of complications. 

Friendly internal medicine specialists also offer medical weight management, physical therapy, post-surgery rehabilitation, and other pain-management solutions for patients struggling with knee pain, low back pain, migraines, and other types of ongoing discomfort. They also treat Parkinson's disease, other neurological conditions, vertigo, and much more.

The compassionate providers at SA Premier Internal Medicine enjoy keeping their patients healthy and helping them live their best life. 

To schedule an appointment at SA Premier Internal Medicine, call the office or use the online booking tab today.