About Dr. Shneker

Internal Medicine Internal Medicine, Physical Therapy, Pediatrics & Pulmonology located in San Antonio, TX


About Dr. Shneker

Ayham Shneker, MD, is an established internist and the president of SA Premier Internal Medicine. He provides the highest quality of care to his patients in San Antonio, Texas.

He received his medical degree from Damascus University Faculty of Medicine and completed his residency at Texas Tech University.

Practicing medicine for over 20 years, Dr. Shneker is affiliated with many major hospitals and medical groups. He actively runs three clinics and one physical therapy center in the San Antonio area. His passion is centered around his patients’ healthcare, and his goal is to be their trusted and most reliable health provider. 

Dr. Shneker believes that patients’ health is about diagnostics and prescribing drugs. It also involves building long-lasting relationships with patients, taking time to understand their concerns, assessing their cases, following up with their progress, and effectively contributing to their overall wellbeing and liveliness.

He is currently accepting new and existing patients at his San Antonio, Texas, office.